Online Coaching

Personal Coaching Available Worldwide

At Merkes Performance we can offer the same coaching we have offered our clients in person, wherever you are in the world. We have been coaching since 2008 and we have been offering online coaching since 2016. So not only do we know how to coach, but we also know how to coach online to give you the best possible experience.

We offer a personalised experience and interaction through our online coaching software provider TrueCoach.

What we offer you

Individualised Programming via TrueCoach

Video breakdown and rapid feedback of every workout from your personal coach

An individualized nutrition plan just for you, updated regularly as you make progress

A streamlined platform to track your workout and diet and interact with your coach

What are the benefits

Coaching available worldwide

Have a dedicated coach just for you

Train in your own time, get rapid feedback on your progress

Streamline your training and nutrition on a single platform and view your progress

Reach out to us today to start your fitness journey